DiGiorgio's Café Largo Italian Restaurant


Making sausage at DiGiorgio's Café Largo Italian restaurant. Click to enlarge...


Our individual pizzas are favorite, as well as a source of pride!


Our Clams Casino is a favorite appetizer.


Fresh local yellowtail is the basis of our terrific Yellowtail Francaise.


Ruthanne's Pomegranate Martini... something VERY special.


Trump Vodka is the base of our Trumptini!

Specialities of the House.

We take pride in everything we serve, from rack of lamb & Florida lobster to individual pizzas and sandwiches. Even so, there are some dishes that are a labor of love for us
and some that are more popular than others.
Cordial liquor

Appetizers & Sides

Clams Casino
We fill White Water Clams with a homemade vegetable stuffing and then bake with bacon. They may be a little on the spicy side, but they're always a pleaser.

Fried or Buffalo Calamari
We pride ourselves on how tender and golden brown our calamari always is.

Garlic Rolls & Focaccia
Both are famous, homemade and served with every meal!


Any dish with our homemade sausage
We trim, cut and season fresh pork and make our own sausage regularly. We couldn’t find one we liked enough to buy, so we just decided to make it ourselves.

Homestyle Veal Cutlet
Nicknamed the “Brontasaurus Chop,” this is a bone-in, veal rib chop, pounded-out thinly to cover the entire dish. We serve it over fresh spinach and covered it all with prosciutto ham, mozzarella cheese and mushrooms.

Littleneck Clams on Linguini
We steam these White Water Clams in olive oil, garlic and white wine and serve them over a bowl of

Yellowtail Francaise
Fresh, local yellowtail filet is dipped in a light batter and flamed in sweet butter and white wine with
freshly-squeezed lemon juice and freshly-chopped parsley.


Homemade Tira Mi Su
We soak lady finger cookies imported from Italy in freshly-made espresso with a variety of Italian liquors mixed in. Then we layer the lady fingers very delicately with a filling made from authentic Mascarpone cheese. Then we finish it off with chocolate shavings.

Homemade Cannoli
Pastry shells are filled with our homemade Ricotta cheese & Italian liquor filling.

From the Bar

Ruthanne’s Pomegranate Martini
Three Olive’s Pomegranate Vodka, Pomegranate Liqueur, & Pom Pomegranate-Cherry juice.

The Trumptini
Trump Vodka served extra chilled & slightly dirty with olives…

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